Handtied Fabric Bows

Handtied Fabric Bows are a classic accessory you need to have in your little one's wardrobe!  These bows are handsewn and will be secured so your little shouldn't be able to pull apart.  If purchasing on a headband, you will have the option of cutting out the band as the child gets older and sliding in a clip so this style can be worn for many years! This style comes in two sizes:

  • Large measuring 4" wide x 4" tall (including tails) - this is perfect for older kiddos, for adding on top of under ponytail, or if you simply love the large bow look!
  • Small measuring 3.25" wide x 2.5" tall (including tails) - this is perfect for babies and younger kiddos, or to use as pigtail clips!

Spot clean with mild soap and water, reshape, and lay flat to dry.  Try to keep hardware dry (to prevent any rust).  Do not submerge.