Handtied Silk Bows

These handtied silk bows are made with sustainably dyed silk from the south coast of Spain.  No two bows will be the same because of the hand tied and hand dyed nature of the silk.  There are naturally-occurring marks in the silk from the colouring process making each bow truly unique.  The maker that the silk was purchased from hand dyes all the fabric on the roof of her Spanish home using natural dyes that come from her environment around her such as pomegranate, indigo, flowers from her mom's garden in Ireland, and bananas from the Canary Islands.  The silks dry under the heat of the sun.  The water that is used in the dying process us reused as much as possible and eventually used to clean her work area.  The used plant waste is used in compost.

These bows measure approximately 4 1/4" wide x 3 1/4" tall.

Do NOT get these bows wet and take special care to not crease and/or crush the fabric (hang the bow or store very carefully when not in use).