Meet the Maker


       Hi, I am Tanya, and I am the creator and maker behind everything in this little shop.  I am born and raised on the Canadian Prairies; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to be exact!  Hence the name of my little business, Prairie Princess Bowtique. 

       I grew up with crafting in my blood.  My mother is very crafty and I spent numerous weekends with her at craft sales and tradeshows.  She always had something on the go whether it was decorating a cake for someone's birthday or wedding, or arranging flowers into a pretty arrangement, or whatever else she was working on, crafting was always around me.  Crafting became my niche and area to relax and put everything behind me for a few hours.  As I got older and got busier with school and eventually college for cosmetology and esthetics and working full time, crafting fell to the wayside for awhile.
       My husband, Darren, proposed in 2007 and while we were engaged, I was able to use some of my crafting knowledge to hand make our wedding invitations and other wedding decorations.  Shortly after being married in 2008 we became pregnant and had our first child, a son, Aidan, in December 2009 and suddenly life changed again.  Just when I thought I may have some spare time, I decided to go back to college to take a Medical Administrative Assistant course as this career was better suited for a mother with children, as working as a hairstylist and esthetician required me to give up many weekends and evenings.  With my husband working away from home the majority of the time, my schedule was simply not ideal with children and daycare hours.
       I had worked full time until the birth of our daughter, Braelyn, in February 2017.  We did not find out the gender until her delivery day, and when the doctor said it was a girl, I was ecstatic.  I love having a mama's boy, don't get me wrong, but there is also something special about a girl.  Instantly the addiction to girly clothes and accessories became real.  On my maternity leave, I thought I need to do something crafty, and it had to be girly...but what?!?
       Within a few weeks of me pondering this idea, my cousin placed a Facebook post saying she was selling her hairbow business and materials.  I thought....hmmm....this would be a great opportunity to try this thing out!  I mean, it would be a great hobby to spend my evenings instead of being brainwashed by the TV and, here we have it.  I spent many late nights playing, perfecting, trying all the things for our new baby girl.  There was one problem....she couldn't possibly need THAT many hairbows!  What would I do with them???  Hence the birth of my new little business.....

       I needed to think about what I was going to call this new venture.  I wanted the name "princess" for sure, because when our daughter was born, we called her our little princess.  As I was driving on the highway one day with the kids heading to see hubby at work, I was brainstorming ideas for my business name.  I came across a billboard saying something about the prairies.  Well, Prairie Princess Bowtique, how perfect! 
       As I drove, all I could think about was all the fun logo ideas I could use; I wanted girly, fun, whimsical, all while tying in the prairies....well, if you look at the logo, there is a princess with wavy brown hair and blue eyes, signifying our daughter's features when she was born.  The princess is dressed in a fun and playful bright pink while waving her wand with stars and a flowing font, which gives it that playful, whimsical feel.  If you look closely, there are wheat sheafs around her playing on the prairie part of my business name.  I love it and hope you do too!
       Currently, I work full time as a medical administrative assistant to a cardiologist to help support my family and my need for adult interaction.  I have been in this same office for almost 10 years.  *insert surprised face here*  This is a recent change after working the previous 4 years on a part time basis in the same office in order to be home with the kids as hubby works away so much of the time.  The kids are now older and more independent so it was a good time to make this change, however, I can't imagine not having this little shop of mine to spend my evenings after the kids are asleep to let the creative juices flow.  My craft room truly is a place that I can free my creative mind and get into my happy place.
       I hope you love the items I've created as much as I do.  Every time I have the opportunity of sending one of these away to a new owner, a piece of my heart goes with it, as all of these items are made with much thought and love.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping here and shopping handmade.  I appreciate it more than you know.  <3